boxen is an audio player for audio professionals, musicians and audiophiles who want an audio player that's designed with the needs of audio professionals in mind. At the moment it's still a very bare-bones player, since it's quite young, but it's nonetheless functional enough to be used as main audio player. Eventually it will gain features like VST and MIDI controller support, but that's still to be done.

Its name derives from the German word "Boxen", which is the informal word used for "loudspeaker" (the formal word is "Lautsprecher", but people usually just say "Boxen"). boxen is written in the D programming language; it's currently a bit over 20000 lines and growing!

Main features:

  • Uses libsndfile and ffmpeg (same decoder as VLC!)
  • Mouse gesture support
  • Drag/Drop files from Explorer
  • Exponential volume control
  • Accurate peak and RMS measuring
  • Uses existing folders as playlists
  • Support for loading m3u playlists
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Integrated Android app (see here for more info)

Of course I'm planning to add a lot more to this list, right now the project is in its infancy. Please note that right now it's also not considered stable, please see the release notes in the download for more information. Also keep in mind that I'm not yet offering installers as long as it's unstable, so please only download if you're willing to use experimental software and you know how to install software manually!

The mouse gestures work like in the Opera browser: Click right mouse button, move the mouse and release mouse button. Currently only four gestures are supported, and only in the file browser window: Up (play previous), down (play next), left (pause) and right (unpause).

Currently boxen is supported for Windows 7, a Linux port will be available later.

The current stable version is version 0.1.0, see the release announcement here.

Download: boxen download page

Social media links:

boxen Facebook page