boxen 0.2-alpha13

Here it is: the 13th development version of boxen 0.2 (and, if all goes well, the last development version before the 0.2 release!). So let's see what's new. (more ...)

Release: boxen0.2-alpha12

Ah, here it is! And let's dive right into what's new in this version. (more ...)

Release: boxen0.2-alpha11

Tons of new stuff! boxen leaves the local machine with this version, being able to play Internet streams and browse other computers in the network. (more ...)

Release: boxen 0.2-alpha10

Can it be?


After all that time?

A new version?

Yes, it can be, and here it is :) (more ...)

Site outage

Unfortunately the site was down yesterday, due to ... uhm ... aliens who ... uh ... infiltrated the hosting company and ... uh ... stole all the nerds who operate the servers. Yeah, totally. And it had absolutely nothing to do with me being lazy and forgetting to pay the server rent. I swear!

Anyway, I've been doing all sorts of stuff lately, but not working on anything productive in my spare time, kind of taking a vacation from my hobby project. So the next version of boxen will probably take another 3-4 weeks to come out. I've started work already about a week ago, and I'm in the process of finishing the first major changes, so stay tuned.

Release: boxen0.2-alpha9

Here it is! I'm really excited about this release, for a couple of reasons. It fixes the problems in the last release (especially the very embarrassing limiter bug), brings a lot of new stuff (most importantly: support for VST plugins, both instruments and effects) and a completely restructured Android app.(more ...)

Next update for boxen will be a big one ...

... so I'll take some time to finish it. I did a little experiment over the weekend and everything went better than expected. It would be a shame to release boxen with all that stuff disabled, but I need some time to build a UI for it. When you see what I've been doing I think you'll agree that it was worth the wait :) (more ...)

The danger of assuming things

Yesterday I loudly proclaimed that boxen now has a limiter, and today I must - shamefully - admit that this is wrong. I fell into a trap that I fell in often before, and will probably fall into again in my future life as software developer.(more ...)

Release: boxen0.2-alpha8

Happy Easter, everybody! This new version doesn't bring much new stuff, but I've gone over a lot of the internals, implementing much needed new infrastructure, and fixing a lot of bugs. (more ...)

Release: boxen0.2-alpha7

Context menus! Finally! I wanted to have them in boxen for a long time now, and here they are.(more ...)

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